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Our Philosophy

Our recruitment process is values-based. This means that our members make an intentional effort to get to know every potential new member before we extend a bid card (an invitation for membership). Our goal is to build a group of diverse individuals, all of which exhibit excellence in some way and share a vision for making themselves and the community a better place.

Each fraternity will have its own established culture and as a result, it will offer a unique experience. That is why we encourage all potential new members to get to know both us and other fraternities. In other words, if Delta Sig isn't the right place for you, we will help you find a fraternity that is. We believe in the value of Greek Life that much, while also acknowledging that Greek Life isn't for everyone.

Recruitment Book Download

The Recruitment Book provides new members and their families with information regarding:

  • Common Concerns
  • New Member Education
  • Costs
  • Housing

The book is updated every semester to make sure all of the information is consistent with university costs and our fraternity policies. If you look through it and still have questions, feel free to email our Director of Recruitment.

Getting in Touch

Most of our members were originally met in our classes, involvements, or existing social circles. Still, potential new members have sought us out themselves, and we encourage you to do that if you do not know someone in Delta Sig.

If you want to start getting to know us, introduce yourself by emailing our Director of Recruitment. Once we know you're out there, we can get you involved in Delta Sig however you want, whether it's answering your questions, touring the house, hanging out, or attending events.

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